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@@ -7,32 +7,47 @@ Runs on port 8000 by default. Further options can be seen with the --help flag:
$ ./stp-server --help
+The server supports multiple PUT streams and multiple GET streams for each PUT
Usage with curl:
Sending a stream (PUT):
- $ curl -v http://localhost:8000/somepath -T - < [some video file]
+ $ curl -v "http://localhost:8000/somepath" -T - < [some video file]
-Optionally, rate limit the stream to emulate a live stream (--limit-rate)
+This will use Chunked encoding and send the file in chunks.
+Optionally, you can rate limit to emulate a live stream (--limit-rate)
Trying to create two streams on the same path will return a 409.
Reading the webm output stream (GET):
- $ curl -v http://localhost:8000/somepath > [some output file]
+ $ curl -v "http://localhost:8000/somepath" > [some output file]
The server supports multiple PUT requests on different paths, and multiple GET
requests from these paths.
-Usage with souphttpclientsink:
-/* TODO */
+Usage with souphttp:
+Sending a stream from a file (PUT):
+ $ gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=[video file] ! \
+ souphttpclientsink location="http://localhost:8000/somepath"
+This will use a persistent HTTP connection and Content-Length + Content-Range
+headers to send the stream data.
+Reading a webm output stream (GET):
+ $ gst-launch-1.0 souphttpsrc location="http://localhost:8000/somepath" ! \
+ filesink location=[some output file]
Known bugs:
-* Doing a massive PUT in a single go (say, 300-400MB or more) of a webm
+* Doing a massive PUT in a single go (say, 300-400MB or more) of a WebM
file causes the server to become overwhelmed. This problem doesn't happen for
- non-webm file dumps. Note however, that the usual mode of operation using live
- streams, where this will never happen.
+ non-WebM file dumps. Note however, that this is not a problem in the usual
+ mode of operation using live streams.
* Opening multiple GET streams from the same PUT stream works, but clients other
than the first one might timeout due to a bug that is being investigated.
* There are no queue size limit handling for PUT streams, and hence the server